PlanningColumbus Trophy 2016

Friday, March 16th 2018  | Kick-off meeting – Maastricht, NL
During the first meeting the Board explains the new jury procedures. The jury also gets the first glance at the Columbus Trophy nominees.

Friday, April 27th 2018  | Subscription deadline
All candidates need to subscribe before April 27th. Subscription entails the following:

  • A short registration form to determine whether the company is eligible to compete
  • A short motivation why you are the best candidate for the Columbus Trophy

Monday May 7th – Friday June 1st 2018 | Skype call with organization

Somewhere in between these dates the organizations plans a Skype call with you to get a first glance of you as entrepreneur.

Wednesday, June 6th 2018 | Are you one of the candidates? You will receive the first assignments

After the candidates have had their Skype call, the organization will make a first selection. On June 6th you will hear if you are part of this selection and you will receive the first two assignments.
Assignment 1 is based on Entrepreneurship, make a movie in which you answer three questions. Which questions it will be? You will hear later.
Assignment 2 is based on the Financial and Commercial part and on the Innovation. We ask you to make a fact sheet for us, kind of a small business plan. Full details you will receive later!

Friday, June 28th 2018 | Downsizing meeting
The judges are asked to come to Maastricht to asses all the candidates and there videos and fact sheets. The judges need to give scores for all candidates. Based on these scores the Top 8 will be selected.

Friday, July 6th 2018 | Have you made it to the Top 8?
Based on the scores you have received from the judged during the Downsizing meeting, you will hear if you are in the Top 8! If so… you will receive the Final Assignment. What this Final Assignment will be, you will hear later.

Submission deadline:           Friday, August 3rd 

Friday, August 24th 2018 | Final Jury Meeting – Maastricht, NL
During the third jury meeting, final assignment is judged. The finalists present themselves to the jury in three different rooms, based on three different topics; Entrepreneurship, Financial / Commercial and Innovation. The finalists receive additional information about the BBB hospitality trade show and their presentation on the trade show. During this Jury Meeting the judged score all candidates and the Top 3 will be decided.

Monday October 8th to Wednesday October 10th 2018

BBB hospitality trade show & Award Ceremony – Maastricht, NL
All finalists are represented at the BBB hospitality trade show. On October 8th, the winner will be announced.

November 2018              Evaluation jury meeting – Maastricht, NL

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