PlanningColumbus Trophy 2016

Friday, March 17th 2017    Kick-off meeting – Maastricht, NL
During the first meeting the Board explains the new jury procedures. The jury also gets the first glance at the Columbus Trophy nominees.

Thursday, June 1st 2017 Subscription deadline
All candidates need to subscribe before the 1st of June. Subscription entails the following:

  • A short registration form to determine whether the company is eligible to compete
  • Providing the secretariat with promotional material about the product / service
  • Survey 1:
    • Product details
    • Unique Selling Points
    • Marketing methods
    • Persistence
    • Degree of creativity and innovation

Further, the candidates are asked to provide information about their background (education, work experience) and to write a motivation letter.

Friday, July 7th 2017     Grading of survey 1 – Second jury meeting – Maastricht, NL
After the candidates have submitted all their information including survey 1 and a short company movie,  the jury members review and discuss the candidates, grade them and give their comments. Following this jury round, a top 8 of finalists is formed.

Friday, July 14th 2017 Top 8 finalists receive survey and assignment 2
The second survey focuses on the following topics:

  • Internal organisation
  • HR policies
  • Financial data
  • Persistence
  • Degree of creativity and innovation

Besides the survey, the finalists need to create a short movie (max. 1 minute) to further explain why they should win the Columbus Trophy.

The finalists will also receive a promotion kit to further promote their position as finalist.

Submission deadline:           Wednesday, August 4th

Friday, August 25th 2017 Third jury meeting – Maastricht, NL
During the third jury meeting, the survey and assignment 2 are judged. Further, the finalists present themselves to the jury. The finalists receive additional information about the BBB hospitality trade show and their presentation on the trade show.

Monday October 9th to Wednesday October 11th 2017

BBB hospitality trade show & Award Ceremony – Maastricht, NL
All finalists are represented at the BBB hospitality trade show. On October 9th, the winner will be announced.

November 2017              Evaluation jury meeting – Maastricht, NL

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