14th edition finalists



Nonso Chukwuma started selling Chooka Hibiscus Juices in 2014. Nonso found inspiration for his product in the rich history of African countries. African locals have been indulging herbal Hibiscus teas for a long time. Although Hibiscus tea is a very popular drink in Africa, Nonso soon found out that Hibiskus tea is not sold on the European market due to the great sugar content and dense flavour. By improving and adapting many aspects of the traditional recipe, Nonso is able to introduce a refined yet original beverage to the European market. Starting with the distribution to local tearooms in Nantes, Nonso was able to grow and expand his target market. After only 3 years, he distributes his products in the restaurants, cafes, fine grocery stores, organic supermarket and proximity supermarkets in France. Other than that, he also targets the Fast Food industry in order to offer a healthy snacking opportunity. Find out more about Chooka Hibiskus Juices on the Website. http://www.chooka.fr/



golden-heritage-fotoGolden Heritage

Golden Heritage focuses on selling high quality olive oil. The family-owned company offers two different kinds of olive oil; olive oil from the Arbequina olive and from the Empeltre olive. Other than that, they also sell high quality olive oil with special flavours like chili pepper, wasabi, truffle and saffron. The olive oil is infused with the flavours by using special seaweed pearls that preserve the taste. The Belgian family ensures the best quality by importing their products directly from their farm in Spain. Other than olive oil, they also offer olive tapenade and Empeltre olives. Curious about Golden Heritage? Find out more information on their website! http://goldenheritagemaella.com/





Ingeborg Dashorst and Michiel van der Zalm are passionate about generating fine concepts and products to make the world easier, nicer and more fun. One of their latest innovative ideas is the concept YOU•P® Handsfree. The concept is as simple and brilliant as the name. Ingeborg and Michiel came up with a smartphone holder for public toilets. They realized that there is a big gap in the market: 75% of all smartphone users take their cell phones to the toilet and all of them need to have their hands free at a certain time. With the YOU•P® smartphone holder, a solution has been found to the problem of laying down expensive smartphones at dirty bins or wet sinks. YOU•P® is not only available for private users but also for companies of the food service industry. The smartphone holder’s design can be customized upon request. Check out their website! http://you-p.com/



Koepala Packaging

Koepala Packaging offers an innovative solution for the catering industry when it comes to transportation and packaging problems. While Janne Asikainen, co-founder of Koepala Packaging, worked together with top chefs from the catering industry, he often experienced the hassle of having a lack of space. This is why he came up with a flat takeaway packaging that can be folded into a bowl or cup shape. Koepala packaging allows healthy food to be transported efficiently and handled conveniently during serving and eating. Koepala packaging costs less than existing food packaging and also reduces costs when it comes to transportation and storage without compromising the quality of the food. Check out the website for more information! http://www.koepala.com/




Flatev created an innovative artisanal bakery. The company built a closed bakery system that produces convenient and healthy baking products like fresh tortillas, roti, flatbreads and cookies. The baking products are made by inserting dough pods into the flatev artisanal bakery and pressing a button. The bakery will turn the dough pod into a ready-to-eat product. When building the bakery system, Flatev focused on combining a convenient system with healthy and natural ingredients. It only takes 1-2 minutes to prepare the product and the dough pods consist of organic, non-GMO and nutrient rich ingredients. The Flatev bakery makes use of recyclable packaging that ensures a sustainable food waste reduction. Lastly, Flatev targets private households as well as away from home channels like hospitals, hotels, office campuses etc. You can find out more about the Flatev artisanal bakery on their website. http://flatev.com/





Seamore found its origin when one of the founders ate seaweed and mistook it for pasta. The founders decided that this is actually a great product. Seamore started off by selling ‘I sea pasta’, which is 100% wild, handpicked seaweed from Connemara but that looks like tagliatelle and tastes like pasta. Seamore started selling their products on the coast of Ireland and expanded to Europe and even Australia. Recently, they also launched a product called ‘I sea bacon’. Seawood that turns into bacon as soon as you fry it. Seamore is successful by creating products that look, taste and behave like traditional food favourites but are sustainable and a rich source of protein, carbohydrate, minerals and vitamins. You can find more details about Seamore´s products on their website, click here. https://seamorefood.com/



Priceless Places

Remo Vloet is a young entrepreneur who recently launched a unique concept called Priceless Places. Remo´s concept consists of offering free workplaces, free open meeting rooms and closed/private rooms to working professionals. How can he offer all of this for free? He partners up with venues from the food service industry. Priceless Places is a platform that brings local cafes and restaurants together with working professionals. This way, the restaurants and cafes have the great chance to make revenue during off-peak hours by selling food and beverages and professionals can gather without having to pay for a meeting room. For now, Remo has successfully launched his concept in the south of the Netherlands and is growing and expanding to the remaining regions of the Netherlands. Visit Remo´s Website to book a Priceless Place! http://www.pricelessplaces.nl/



The Love Bag

Sofie Rockland is the proud owner of the 210th & The Love Bag. Sofie is making normal hotel rooms more exciting and interesting for the guests. How does she do that? By selling erotic boxes. She offers hotels the opportunity to sell discrete, high quality erotic boxes with unique QR codes related to the products. The QR codes contain assignments for the users. For now, Sofie succeeded in selling her products to upscale lingerie stores. Now, she is targeting the hotel industry. Her strategy is to create extra revenue for the hotel and an experience for the guests. She offers The Love Bag and The Love Box, covering two different pricing segments. Sofie gives hotels the opportunity to differentiate themselves by surprising their guests with a classy and discrete product that will make their stay more exciting. Check out the products by clicking here. https://www.thelovebag.eu/




Laden Ein

Till Riekenbrauk is a real foodie. He loves to try out new high quality food. With his passion for the food industry, he created a platform for foodies and creative minds to present their food concepts. He gives young entrepreneurs the opportunity to use his restaurant space and try out how their start-up works. Every two weeks he changes the host, the concept, the decoration and most importantly the whole menu of his restaurant space. Like this, he creates a diverse and creative restaurant environment that is a unique opportunity for fresh start-ups. This way, food never gets boring again. You can find the latest menu here. http://www.laden-ein.com/



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